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Heroes of Redmarch website
The Heroes of Redmarch series of inebooks is set in the fantasy world of the long running "play by e-mail" game of the same name, and you can learn more about Redmarch by visiting the Heroes of Redmarch website.

Aerdh is a world of gods, magic and rule by the sword. While the all-powerful deities of Aerdh watch over the affairs of mortals, humans and the other races and creatures of the world vie for dominance and power. One such place is Redmarch, one of the greatest of the realms of men, and a land of danger, mystery and adventure.

Created out of war, Redmarch lies in the midst of numerous other countries: the Empire of Vordar, Fennoden - Vordar's long standing enemy, the forested elven lands of Silvaneth, the mountainous dwarven holding of Irongard, and the Dead Lands - home to orcs, trolls, giants and more. Out in the Sunbirth Sea lies Sithak, ruled by a race of powerful and mysterious lizardmen, and further still are the Far Isles, under independent rule and the hiding place of numerous pirates. Conflict and war occur between these realms and the threat from the Dead Lands and Sithak is ever present. Mighty dragons inhabit many parts of the world and foul undead lurk in the darkened places waiting to rise up and slay the living. In a world ruled by magic and the sword only the strong and brave will survive.

The first in the Heroes of Redmarch series is Goblin Bane.

In a world where gods and magic are real, can you guide Thomas Havelock along the path of greatness to become the legend known as "Goblin Bane"?

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