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Combatdisk Ltd. is a publisher of interactive stories for Palm(TM) handheld organisers. We are looking for authors with ideas for interesting stories, and illustrators who can create pictures (black and white or colour) that will look good on a Palm.

All you need is access to a PC running any version of Windows, or a Mac with an emulator to run Windows programs. We will provide the software necessary for story development. Authors and illustrators are paid on a royalty basis - copyright remains vested in the creator.

 If you are interested in finding out more then please contact the Editor.

Combatdisk Ltd. are looking for designers to create new titles in the Legends of Mystaris series. Firstly you will need to come up with an interesting idea for a gamebook set in the world of Mystaris. If this is accepted then the designer maps out all the locations in the gamebook as well as details of every encounter that can take place. We will provide you with a design guide of do's and don't to make the task easier. We will then take the design and turn it into a Legends of Mystaris inebook. The designer will be paid on a royalty basis - copyright remains vested in Combatdisk Ltd.

To help you, here is a brief summary of what is involved:

  1. Submit an original idea, a couple of paragraphs long that can be adapted to the world of Mystaris.
  2. Describe the character or characters that the player can be. Mention the goal or quest that is the end point of the game. Describe the locations where the adventure takes place, i.e. dungeon, town, wilderness, caverns, etc. or even some combination of these.
  3. If we like your idea it will be accepted. At this point we shall discuss royalties and sign legal agreements, so both parties are protected.
  4. Be aware that you will need to have a willingness to work with us to create the best possible gamebook. We are very much "hands on" editors.
  5. Any design submitted may be changed for the following reasons:
  • To make the programming easier.
  • To improve game balance.
  • To ensure the game is the right size.
  • To be consistent with the world of Mystaris.
 If you are interested in finding out more then please contact the Editor.
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