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Heroes of Redmarch website
The Heroes of Redmarch series of inebooks is set in the fantasy world of the long running "play by e-mail" game of the same name, and you can learn more about Redmarch by visiting the Heroes of Redmarch website.

By Robert Vance

The river of time flows ever on, and so it is that some are born to greatness, while others seek it for themselves. Moreover, there are those who have it thrust upon them, accepting the challenge willingly, or not. For some it is a burden and for others it is a glorious thing, the crowning achievement of their lives. Throughout Redmarch, and indeed all Aerdh, there are heroes and heroines of high renown, chosen by fate, desire, or chance and make their mark on the world in the service of good, or evil.

On the night of the Winter Solstice in the year 690 AC, when the snow lay thick on the ground blanketing Redmarch beneath a moonlit spread of white, fate came to the small village of Branholm and offered the mantle of greatness to Thomas Havelock.

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