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Here you will find details of the forthcoming titles to be published as inebooks by Combatdisk.

The time is AD 122 and the Roman Empire is at its height. Emperor Hadrian has decided that the borders of the empire have expanded far enough, and he has decreed that defensive barriers will be built on key borders...

Indigo Hollow, sacred realm of the Dreamweavers, has come under attack as prophesied by the Ancient Oracles of the First Era. Nihlo, God of Oblivion, has unleashed his mighty spawn, Despair, to rid Indigo Hollow of its precious inhabitants. Mankind has lost its ability to hope and dream. And as everyone knows, a hopeless mortal is a dangerous creature indeed...

Welcome to the world of Charlie Lewis, who has been fired yet again from his job as a share trader in the city. Will his next job bring success in life and love?

Puss in Boots is bored, so when a fairy godmother from a neighbouring kingdom decides to go on vacation, who better to step into her shoes?

The increasing number of people born with psychic abilities in recent decades has had no direct bearing on your small town life. No, you are Scott MacKenzie from Smithsville, and your biggest interests are the girls who don't pay any attention to you, and playing an old-fashioned paper-and-dice role playing game your dad gave you with your two best friends...
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